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Below are the finest, most durable dog tags for pets the internet has to offer, at a fraction of the cost of any shop or high street retailer.

These customisable dog id tags are hand picked for pets by our partners at 4Paws, which allows us to focus on adding exclusive benefits for our customers! 

Benefits such as; free engraving on all name dog tags as well as access to the "Free + Shipping club" for ALL customers who purchase with us.

Let's be honest...

Getting engraved, custom dog id tags for your pets is a headache, we understand. First you have to find a tag, then pay extra for engraving then comes the shipping costs... Not to mention the awful customer service!

That's where the "Free + Shipping Club" comes in.

Here's how we solve this headache...

  • Step 1

    Find your perfect custom dog id tags in our collection below...

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    Customise your new pets dog tags... Free!

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    Engrave your new custom dog id tags... Free!

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    Hit order and we'll send your new pet id tags directly to your doorstep

It's as simple as that. You also have customer support 24/7 via our facebook page where you will also be able to track and edit your order.

Take a look at the full collection on offer below:

Glittered Paw Id Tag
Black Diamond Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

Glittered Paw Id Tag
Snowflake Edition

Free + Shipping Discount
gold dog id tags for pets

Glittered Paw Id Tag
Golden Sparkle Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

Glittered Bone Id Tag
Diamante Bronze Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

Glittered Bone Id Tag
Diamante Silver Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

Mini Paws Id Tag
Red Shine Edition

Free + Shipping Discount
gold dog id tags for pets

Mini Paws Id Tag
Black Shine Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

Key Chain Id Tag
A Message In A Bottle

Free + Shipping Discount

The 4Paws Id Collection
White Crystal Edition

Free + Shipping Discount
gold dog id tags for pets

The 4Paws Id Collection
Pink Crystal Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

The 4Paws Id Collection
Blue Crystal Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

The 4Paws Id Collection
Black Crystal Edition

Free + Shipping Discount

Customer Reviews...

Our customers mean everything to us.

At Dog Tags For Pets we value ideas such as customer service and customer satisfaction above profits, which is why we can bring these id tags, as well as many other great pet products for a fraction of the cost of any other pet retailer.

Take a look at our happy customer reviews below...

Sharon Ann Prior

I bought this tag for Charlie and he loves it!

Thanks Dog Tags For Pets, you rock! 🙂

Sharon Ann Prior
Joshua Russel Joshua Russel

" I don't even look anywhere else. Dog Tags For Pets is the only place I use for Frankie! "

Silla Haire Silla Haire

" You guys are wonderful! I absolutely love my pendant. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family! Thank you for everything Dog Tags For Pets 🙂 "

Jane Brown Jane Brown

" Dog Tags For Pets you ROCK! Look at my beautiful Snow Pooch "

Rohit Thakur Rohit Thakur

"It's rare to find a place this cheap that has such good dog pet id tags. I ordered products for my pets in India. The products came quick and the customer service is amazing."

Helen Weadon

Literally just got my dog tag for Bella.

Service is amazing…

Thanks so much guys 🙂

Helen Weadon

Our Collections...

Whether your looking for custom, small, name or cheap pet collar id tags we have you covered.

Scroll down this page to view the full "Free + Shipping Club" Collection for the finest engravable dog tags for pets online!

For pet specific products however, try our dog or cat collection to find more than cheap custom pet collar id tags, and other safety and novelty pet products. You can still view our pet tags collection and finally for all other pet lovers, we recommend taking a look at our "Gifts collection" for the perfect present for any holiday.

cats pet id tags
gifts dog tag pets

Our Mission...

We have thousands of happy customers to date and want to slowly roll out our products globally.

Think of us like an internet outlet store, selling cheap collar id tags for pets, with collections designed by one of the biggest social pet brands online!

Together, our aim is to prevent that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when your fluffy friend goes missing.

Without any pet tag or form of ID your pets chances of returning home are drastically lower than if they were wearing one!

The lost pet rate average remains higher than you can imagine - with more than 5 dogs going missing every day in the UK alone!

And put quite simply, here at Dog Tags For Pets we feel too strongly about this to leave it alone. That's why we offer ID that works for a lifetime, for less than the price of a coffee!

All our dog id tags come with engravable id for free! No Catch.

We simply ask you to cover the cost of shipping your shiny new id tags to you.

So... Instead of getting one of them fancy coffee's, invest your next Starbucks in to your loved one, and rest assured that if the day comes when your dog goes missing... Your pet has a way of returning home.

AND... as a final way of showing we care, we want to make buying pet ID tags a "No Brainer"...

To do this, ALL buy links on this site have the "Free + Shipping club" discount code already added to the item.

Choose, customise and engrave your new collar id tags today and get them completely free!

To contact us you can do so at anytime via the "contact us" page on the site or via our facebook page here.

To read more about our mission, visit the about us page here.

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